Friday, November 14, 2008

Two observations

I have made two important observations about dating in the past two weeks. One, if someone is consistently going on two or more dates a week with different people it is a 90% chance they are on, jdate, etc... If you question them about their dates and they reply with a vague answer such as, "Oh, I'm just really busy, you know, I'm just busy," this brings the chance up to 99%. Two, although I have met a lot of duds recently, much more terrifying is the idea of going on a date and having the divine realization I'm sitting across from my future husband. I mean, I'm not ready for that! I still have things to do, people I still have to go to Malta and discover my destiny. Don't ask questions about that yet, its my life coincidence.

I explained this last night to Elaine* and Eve* over drinks and they fully agreed. "Yeah, I would probably F it up and then where would I be?" Eve said. Exactly. So, attention my future husband. If you are out there (and I hope you are because I really hate cats and the smell of incense), please avoid me for another, uhh, two - three years. Thanks. Looking forward to meeting you, much later.

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