Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coffee and...

Yesterday I got an email from Bernard*, who ended up being one of my matches from Thursday, asking what my plans were for the weekend. I emailed back to say I was going to a comedy show that night with a friend, but I was free all day Sunday. After a short email exchange, we made plans to meet for coffee late this afternoon at a place in my neighborhood.

By chance, Elaine also has a coffee date today. Her date is with a cute British guy she met on the dance floor Halloween night. They bonded over joking about his cheesy 'Where's Waldo' costume. She and Waldo texted all day Saturday and are going out later tonight for coffee.

"Its weird, I'm very lukewarm about my date with Bernard*," I said to Elaine as we strolled down First Avenue towards Whole Foods this afternoon.

"Really? Why? Do you think it is because you met him at speed dating?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess so. It just feels like it was a forced meeting, so its not like I have that excited butterflies in my stomach feeling, you know?"

"Yeah, I guess you aren't as excited to fantasize about your future holidays in London like me," she said with a fake British accent. "Ha, yeah, I feel more like I have a job interview. We'll see how it goes," I said.

Because we all treated speed dating with such a laughable attitude, I guess I have a hard time believing that any date I go on resulting from the experience is going to be just as much of a joke. Besides, I have only spoken with this guy for 6 minutes previous to the coffee date we are about to have: thats not much time. Unlike Elaine who met Waldo out in a social situation and hit it off because they had chemistry, I have no idea if Bernard and I would ever even frequent the same bars or have much in common socially past the fact we happened to go speed dating last Thursday. I am obviously over analyzing and entering this date with a very negative attitude which is never a good thing. Regardless of what happens, I will be doing something more exciting than my usual Sunday night of Law and Order watching -- I'm "getting out there." And isn't that what dating is really all about?

Details to come on coffee with Bernard* tomorrow...

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