Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

I am headed home tomorrow morning for Thanksgiving! 4 full days of eating, sleeping and fun family time. I will also probably fit in a trip to the skeezy local bar with my high school friends - an event that makes for beer drinking, gossiping about who is married and knocked up, and of course, the occasional make out with an old high school crush. Come to think of it, I actually just became friends with one of my old flames on facebook... Oh, how I love the holidays. You have an excuse for every bad decision - "It was all in good Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years fun!"

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!!

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<3 J. said...

Yes! Those are my favorite parts of going home for the holidays too!
Local townie bars, gossiping with old friends, and drunken make outs with HS crushes. hehe. Hope you're having fun!