Monday, November 24, 2008

The Rules

I have very wise friends. This past Saturday over coffee I was blabbering and over-analyzing every action and event that had taken place in my love life in the past two weeks. I pondered aloud every "logical" thought: is he just not that into me? is friends with benefits a good idea? do boys not like me because I smell funny? Finally, we broke out my moleskin notebook and wrote down two simple rules to "Help Me Turn my Love Life Around." Fortunately, or unfortunately, friends with benefits was not included on this list. The two simple rules are as follows:

1) Do nothing that will lead you to getting married.

2) Think less. (period.)

Trust me, following these rules will make hopping off the train to crazy town much easier. As far as the marriage rule goes, we are referring to within the next...uhh...5 - 10 years? Other than that, there are NO catches.

To prove The Rules work, this past Saturday night I tried to think less. I stopped worrying about every guy and that had, had not or would not wanted to date me. At the bar that night, while I was just doing my own thing with my friends I ended up seeing the guy I met a month ago when Scarlett* was in town! He apologized for never getting in touch with me, got my number and asked me out. Thirty mintues later, I received a text from Bernard* saying, "Hi." Technically this was at 3:00 am - probably a 3 o'clock scramble, booty call, whatever you want to call it. But, point being, once I stopped freaking out and thinking about relationships, two of the guys I had placed deep in the Deadzone immediately popped back into my life.

Follow The Rules this week. Let me know how it goes.


Desiree Aubigny said...
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Desiree Aubigny said...

i love the two rules, they are sooo true