Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Dating in New York. Discuss.

I am recently single and ready to pursue dating as a regular hobby. Like any 23 year old young and single New York gal, I am looking at dating with the hopeful possibility of meeting fun guys, exploring new bars and restaurants, having a good time, and getting as many free dinners and drinks as possible (just kidding about the last part...sort of....). There will of course also be the scary side of dating: blind dates, bad breath, awkward good night hugs, to text or not to text?, hearing about his relationship with his ex, etc...

Lets talk about internet dating. For a very long time I thought for sure it was only for serial killers and child molesters (oh wait, thats myspace.com). But apparently, in New York its not as taboo as I thought. It is, however, taboo to get on JDate if you are not Jewish -- I know a story of a girl who went that route and had to come clean to the boy, AND the family, once things got serious. OY! After hearing many sucess stories from match.com (and one from craigslist - don't judge!) my roommate Elaine* and I decided to check it out. Together. By making a joint profile. But, we were too cheap to pay the $16.99 membership fee so we went with the "subscriber" status, affording us nothing but the ability to wink (the internet dating equivalent of a facebook poke) at people. Having a joint profile, we realized, meant a joint picture (we look nothing alike), and personal information questions we couldn't agree about (do you like tattoos? only slightly. hair color? I never trust blonds -- they are shifty). There was one thing we both vehemently agreed on: we were steering clear of anyone looking for a partner "highly" interested in erotica.

In the end, I made my own profile (but still have not paid the $16.99 -- lets be real, I work for a non-profit). I am also welcoming, almost with a scary passion and fervor, being set up on blind dates by friends, family and any random people who may know a young, normal, male New Yorker who is single and ready to mingle. "What about you?" you may be asking, "are you going to sit at home and eat peanut butter out of the jar and wait to be e-winked?" No, but thank you for asking. I will be putting in a dedicated effort to meet people -- in bars, alumni activities, dance class, etc.... My mom always said church is a great place to meet guys...and since I'm not cheating and going on JDate...

So stay tuned for real life dating drama! It will be just like Blind Date and Elimindate with the fun word burlbs giving you what the person is thinking! Except hopefully without the cheesy guys.

***Note*** most names have been changed for confidentiality.

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I'm obsessed with this, Hans. You're officially bookmarked.