Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just don't do it

I decided to stalk my ex-boyfriend on facebook. To my credit, I have not attempted to see him, call him, or even look at his facebook profile for 2 months -- I have been very self-disciplined. Yet in a moment of weakness, I did some stalking. Although no information on the profile had changed, a handful of pictures had been updated, and a group had been added. He was seated next to the same girl, who I did not know, in at least 3 photos. Who is this girl, I must know!! I then checked the updated group. It was a group dedicated to...the mystery girl's baby clothing store! How dare he try and get a new relationship before me!! is all I can think. Yes, I know you are thinking, hey, didn't you just start a blog dedicated to dating? Regardless, this is not allowed. I now try to convince Elaine*, who is a fashion design student at Parson's, to email this mystery girl and pretend to be interested in baby clothes. "After you feign interest, then maybe you could ask, so would you have time to talk with me about this? I mean, I don't want to get in the way of your social life. Are you seeing anyone? Tall, wears glasses, lives in Park Slope?" She tells me I am crazy. I thought I was creative. Damn the internet.


Louise said...

i love hearing about you're roomate *elaine. Sounds like ya'll are having an interesting time. wish i were there to bear witness to all of this but it's fun getting to read afterwards!

Anna Routh said...

You are crazy! Get a hold of yourself.

Just kidding - I stalk on a regular basis, but not my crazy ex-boyfriend though.