Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Deadzone

As I explained yesterday, tonight was my date with Mr. Lawyer from Long Island off of Craig's List.  He facebook messaged me early yesterday morning to see what was up and I messaged back last night.  Well apparently, I responded too slowly for him and by the time "mystery girl had presented herself," he had other plans for tonight and needed to reschedule, "when was I next available?"  I'm sorry, whaaat??? Clearly I messaged back that I was not available any other night than tonight, my weekend was booked solid with strictly A-list social events that he was not a part of.  Well, I said something to that extent.  He wrote back.  Within like, 5 minutes.  It seemed that tonight "MAY work" for him, but if not "Saturday would be best."  Oh and what was my gmail.  Lets be serious.  What kind of games is he trying to play?  I replied with my gmail and a simple "stop playing games."  My co-worker said I should have included at the end "(with my heart)" and then written "I love Backstreet Boys!!" and seen what his reply was.  Sadly, I did not try this.  Anyways, Lawyer from Long Island never replied!  Not that I wanted to play his silly games anyway.  Really, who even says that, "tonight MAY work for me..."  I don't need that.  And I am convinced he is weird A: because he put an add on Craig's List  B: because the picture he sent of himself to my co-worker was him with a large boa constrictor wrapped around his body  and C: because he put an add on Craig's List.  

I have entered him into what I like to call "The Deadzone."  That is the place where random cute guys you make eyes with on the subway and then get off, guys you meet in bars and never hear from, unknown pseudo crushes at work admired from afar, go to vanish and never be seen again.  Now, a Craig's List date that never was (even though I can already tell it never would have worked out) can be added.  Entry into the Deadzone happens regularly in New York; in a city of 8 million, its easy to feel a connection with lots of people, but it can be hard to actually make that connection last more than 5 subway stops.  The Deadzone is frustrating -- you can think you really spark with a guy and then BAM! nothing.  And then he disappears forever...into the Deadzone.

Vile Kyle is a perfect example of someone deep in the Deadzone.  I met Vile Kyle (VK) one night at Brother Jimmy's, a sports bar.  We were both at the bar, I was buying a PBR 16 oz can and joking with my roommate Elaine* that it would hilarious if I shot gunned the beer.  VK over heard the conversation, gave me a wink, and we started chatting.  He was obviously immediately attracted to my lady like qualities.  We talked all night; at the end of the night he got my number and even texted 3 times to say he wanted to make sure I had his number, he had fun, and wanted to hang out soon.  The week went by - no call/no text.  The weekend rolled around, same story.  Saturday night comes, I have a few drinks and clearly texted him.  No response.  At all.  Ever.  Hence, the nickname Vile Kyle and entry into the Deadzone.  I guess its my fault, I should have seen it coming:  he was a blond, they're all shifty.


Casey said...
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Casey said...

saad...i was so looking forward to reading about your date. but i think you win--he sounds like a shower pocket

Caroline said...

I smiled at a really cute guy today and he smiled back at me but where do you go from there?? I guess he's in the deadzone now. Right after that I saw a barefoot man walking a cat on a leash. He was whispering "exercise, exercise" to the cat. He's in the deadzone too.