Friday, September 26, 2008

I think You're Shady.

So the big date was last night. As I shared from my gchat conversation with Lawyer from Long Island, we were schedule to meet at around 5:45-6 pm at Stanton Social for drinks. I get off work around 5 pm so it couldn't be any early, and I had a birthday dinner at 8 so it couldn't be any later.

Although I was still very skeptical about the whole date, I was excited. Regardless, I would be getting a free drink at Stanton Social (their cocktails are $13!!). I rushed to leave work right at five, my boss telling me for the last time she wouldn't be able to say 'I told you not to meet boys online' when I was announced dead in the Post the next morning, and made it home in pretty good time. I was walking out of the door on my way to Stanton Social by 5:50. Not bad for making it home in rush hour and changing for a date, in my books. I was walking (its about 7 minutes from my apt) when I received the Lawyer's first text, "Whats ur story?" I text back immediately, "I'm on my way. Sorry -- I completely forgot I had your number, (from when he called me during our gchat, remember??) I'll be there in 5." I get no response. I arrive at Stanton Social -- he is nowhere to be found. Not at the bar, in the restaurant, outside, anywhere. I call, text, I stand outside...alone...until I finally go back to the bar, order a $13 Basil-Lime Gimlet and wait. He texts me at 6:20 to say he left and is back in Brooklyn. I am confused, I say (all of this via text). He then proceeds to say he had been waiting outside the bar for 40 minutes before he texted me at 5:58 and I never called to say I would be late. Once again I am confused. Were we not supposed to meet at 5:45-6? Why were you waiting for 40 minutes? Didn't you get my text to say I was on the way? Couldn't you have waited 10 more minutes? He texts back and tells me that he left when I was late and didn't call and to be honest I have been less than forthright (nice lawyer talk there) and that he thinks I'm shady!!! I furiously text back that I think he is an asshole and we should just call it a night. He said good, I'm back home and definitely not coming back out to you. OH SNAP! Had to get that last zing in there didn't you, buddy.

Luckily, I have great friends and after he told me he was "definitely not coming back out to [me]," I emergency texted Elaine* and she came and met me so I would not look like someone who had been stood up on a date. I did bribe her with a $13 cocktail... Anyway, we started talking about how technology has totally changed, and has the potential to ruin, dating as we know it. You are expected to be available and ready to communicate 24/7; when I was not answering my gchat messages, the Lawyer called my cell phone! Who says we want to be that available? In the days of landlines only there was none of this texting "whats ur story?" -- you just waited until the person came or didn't. (thats what she said?) Its not even just dating we are talking about, but simply social skills as we know it. I do want to pose a question: do you think that breaking up with a person via text or email still makes one a horrible person? Much more to come on this subject...

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Emily said...

I just got the greatest idea -- see this:

It's on Gawker today, and it's Julia Allison and Leven Rambin's ex....And he's looking for lerv on Craigslist, just like you. IM/EMAIL him!

This could go down in Web 2.0 history....