Monday, September 22, 2008

Love in the Club (or the subway?)

Can you successfully meet people on the subway? Everyone is trying -- clue I'm a creepy people watcher, so I usually lock eyes numerous times in one train ride. My friend's mom who lived in NYC in the 70's and 80's told me she locked eyes with a cute guy on the train once, he got off at her stop, asked her out and they dated for two months. Hmmmmm, the only people that follow me off the train are the crazy mariachi band players asking for money. How can I remedy this problem? For awhile I considered handing out my business cards, just to see the response. My friend recently was seated next to the man she was certain was her future husband (this happens to me 2 of 5 commutes a week) and was working up the courage to ask to borrow a section of his New York Times when she decided it was just too awkward, its the subway after all. Is subway love possible?

Side note: Numerous emails and facebook messages from craig's list Lawyer from Long Island. It appears he has seen the error of his game playing ways. I agree to meet him for early drinks Wednesday night. Andi's* bday dinner is at 8 so we will do early drinks. And that means I can cut out super early if he is horrid.


Anna Routh said...

One time on a Subway, a homeless guy tried to touch me with a hand he'd just used to remove a dirty condom. Is that love?

Diana said...

so, here's the problem with the subway - people (including my future husband) are not just hanging out for a leisurely ride, trying to soak up the atmosphere and chat it up with strangers, they are on their way to go somewhere else....where you are not going to be. chances are, if some amazingly attractive man tried to talk to me on my commute, i would either be creeped out, or just too exhausted to acknowledge his presence. and realistically, whan i get to bryant park, are we just going to ditch work, get coffee, and fall in love?? hmmmm, actually that would be nice....I'm thinking subway crushes are better for simply passing the time.