Friday, December 19, 2008

L'Homme Fatal

I have been duped (and dumped) by L'Homme Fatal numerous times. My problem is I live by the credo that guys are simple creatures and only want one thing. And these Hommes Fatales always send my guy radar into haywire. They are very smart and funny (and many times wearing glasses, damn them). They do not send booty call text messages at 11 pm on a Wednesday evening, but instead would send a clever email or facebook message. By attempting to "get to know you better" through creative dates (like Scrabble or tea, as this author describes) they trick you into thinking they are actually different from that jerk frat star who you don't remember making out with in college after you drank too much PJ punch.

Its the asshole in sensitive, artsy, "different from those other guys," clothing that makes preparing yourself for heartbreak from a HF impossible. These guys always use the same excuse: its not you, its me; we are just in different places right now; I'm just focusing on so many different things right now, blah blah blah.... Actually, you are lucky to get a response from an HF at all. In my experience they are immature and are scared you will assume a long term relationship if they so much as get your number. (Note: because of this, sending sketchy facebook messages to an HF including the phrase "remember that time we made out?" is not suggested).

With all this said, it is impossible not to enjoy flirting with these HFs. And life is short. Sometimes always making smart decisions is just flat out boring. So if you see a cute, but possible HF, underneath the mistletoe at your next holiday party, don't immediately run the other way. But just don't say I didn't warn you...

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