Monday, December 1, 2008

Facebook photos speak 1,000 words

I just looked at my work crush's wedding photos on facebook. Eek! My friend at work, the one and only co-worker who is privy to my crush, recently became friends with him on facebook. She was facebook stalking last night and noticed his wedding photos were posted - I don't think it was actually he that posted them which is good because that annoys me. No offense... So we looked at them this afternoon while listening to the Mariah Carey Christmas CD (yesss).

There he was in his tux, still wearing his cute little glasses and sporting a scruffy beard. And then I saw his fiancee, or wife. Whatever, wife, shmife. I was dismayed to see a) she actually existed b) she was not a complete troll and c) he looked like he her? I mean, where was the picture in which he mouthed, "I really love you, wait for me, this is all a hoax," to me? Perhaps they just didn't tag that one...

Now that he is married, is he going to email and phone flirt with me like in the good ole days (3 weeks ago)? I have been slightly bored without any work emails or calls to look forward to - the female temp in his place just isn't as much fun to call for no reason. I think I will find a veiled, but seemingly, important reason to call him tomorrow and see what kind of response I get. Stay tuned for my desperate calls to a married man!!

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