Monday, December 15, 2008

Dating is Dead

Charles M. Blow says that while hooking up can be satisfying for awhile, women finally come to realize that it is not a great way to go about looking for a spouse. As my friend's mother used to say, why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?

I am dismayed by Mr. Blow's attitude that dating is dead. Yes, perhaps men only ask women out for one reason in the end: to hook up. But dating still exists. Even though I easily become cynical and many times visualize myself sitting at home eating Plump Dumpling takeout for all eternity and realizing breaking up with my ex to 'meet new people' may not have been a good idea, I still try to keep the faith! So, Mr. Blow, please steer away from this negativity and your focus on lack of self-confidence in girls. The dating world is hard enough.


EL said...

I watched a follow-up from this article on Good Morning America yesterday, and the author (who was also cited in the article), said that actually, dating picks up again for post-graduate twentysomethings. Her point was that dating is dead for teens and college kids, but that post-college, things bounce back to a more traditional route.

That said, I assume you will have lots of mistletoe and alcohol at the upcoming Christmas party? (I also happily can provide my own alcohol.) I'm looking to hook up.


DatingGirl said...

Well Mr. Blow should have made that more clear. But if that is her point, I somewhat agree - I went on 1 date while in college. And it was with a guy who worked at the Apple store who gave me a new i-pod because he thought I was cute. That being said, hooking up was the trend.

Yes, mistletoe and alcohol on Friday! BYOB a little beer just in case.