Friday, October 17, 2008

Well it made me laugh

For all you ladies out there who love the power-hungry, money making, "models and bottles," banker type, I suppose you have been looking elsewhere these days. This dude's book, about that type of man, is also being published at just the wrong time. My favorite quote from this article is:

"One of the most trying aspects for them, Mr. Chatwani explained, was the loss of 'perceived prestige' with women. 'A lot of my dude friends when they meet a girl in a bar, they've stopped talking for once about what they do,' he said. 'If you tell a girl you work at an investment bank, that gets you a sympathetic pat on the back. That’s not the response you’re looking for.'"

Check it. And the link to the blog the book started from

This is a great post:

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