Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Speed dating - an introduction

Expenses today:
grande black-eye from Starbucks: $3.45
Diet Coke from vending machine at work: $1
Fee for tomorrow night's speed dating event: priceless

Yes, I am going speed dating tomorrow. It has been on my "goals" list for about 2 weeks (yes, I have a goals list - it also includes things like 'buy a pumpkin,' 'sign up for arabic classes,' and 'stop wasting time fantasizing about engaged co-workers...'). So far, I have not achieved any of these goals, especially the third one. Last night I was explaining to Elaine* how I was a little down. "I'm 0-3 with my dates, I haven't met anyone I have really liked recently and earlier today ate an entire bag of candy corn." Needless to say, it didn't take me long to guilt her into coming speed dating with me. I also took the liberty of signing up, Betty*, another single friend. Safety in numbers.

"Help me practice my conversation starters for tomorrow night," Elaine* asked while eating nachos and watching Pushing Daisies. "We only have 6 minutes with these guys, we need to make a good impression."

"I know, right? 10 to 12, six minute dates -- you have to be seriously memorable," I said slightly disinterested; I was staring intently into my empty facebook message inbox (the boy from 2 weekends ago still has not messaged me).

"Am I allowed to lie? What if I really don't like the guy, I could tell him a lie, right?"

"Of course!!" I said, shutting my computer. Forget that guy from last weekend -- I was doing speed dating to meet new people and not be pathetic and I needed to get my head in the game. "You are totally allowed to lie. Tell them you play professional mancala and enjoy a man who is not afraid to wear women's clothing."

"Oh, oh, or," Elaine* added, " 'I'm Elaine, I hope you don't mind I've brought my imaginary friend George along.' "

"Or, 'Sorry, I hope its not a problem I have herpes!'" Andi* said.

"If you answer incorrectly, please sit quietly until the next round: do you have substantial back hair? Past the age of 12, have you considered yourself a blond? Do you enjoy pomegranate martinis?" Elaine* and I composed.

In retrospect, neither of us really have really considered the idea that we might meet someone attractive, or score a possible second date. According to, we choose our matches at the end and post them on our "profile" on the website. The guys we meet tomorrow night do the same and if any of us mutually choose the other...the rest will be history! Details to come Friday.

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Casey said...

i am so excited about your speed dating!