Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weddings: Best Pickup Spot of the Summer?

Elaine* recently met her new lovah (yes, I'm calling you out Elaine*, but at least I'm not calling him your boyfriend) at her college roommate's wedding in June. They met the night of the rehersal dinner, hung out all weekend and the following week while she was still back in our hometown where he lives, and now they lovey-dovey talk every night.

She is not the first to meet a lovah, or boyfriend for that matter, at a wedding. What's up with this? Is it because everyone is happy and thinking about love at weddings? One would think that some guys would be scared and thinking about, to use a Tolkienian phrase, "the end of all things." But it seems not. So, WTF, friends. When is the first wedding?? As of now, I don't have one on the calendar until 2011. And by then I will already be old and ready to buy cats, get an apartment in Chinatown, and call it a day. So let's get this ball rolling.


Emily said...

Word to the wise (not based on personal experience or anything): This might not work as well if you've already had relations with one or more groomsmen at a friend's wedding.

elaine* said...

i will have to ask him what he was thinking when we met next time i talk to him (which is NOT every night, btw. Every 3rd night at best.). He was probably thinking he could see down the front of my too-big bridesmaid dress.