Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm just going to be honest here. When I said I got off okcupid, like, 3 months ago, I lied. I was only shamed by the fact that I was not receiving as many messages as my friends who were on there, and therefore wanted to save face. And to my credit, many friends agreed that my humor does not translate well online (saying things like 'ever had lice?' really requires hearing one's voice intonation). But after my sister ending up meeting a pseudo-boyfriend on okcupid, I decided perhaps it was time to through my skepticism and bitterness to the wind and put myself out there, or on there, as it were.

So I have been responding to the messages I get now -- NOT sending any messages off right. Lets get that one thing clear -- I'm not that ballsy. Long story short, I have a date this Saturday! From his description my co-worker and I have decided he is the "nerdy athletic type." You know what I mean: glasses, bad shoes, always wearing some sports apparel t-shirt, and some brand of bad jeans, oh, and usually a bowl cut. But, its a date and I'm going to give it a shot. Hopefully he is actually 24 and not 42. And we are going to meet in a public place. And if I know his type, he is definitely not going to order a pomegrante martini.

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