Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To Tweet or Not to Tweet, That is the Question

I'm not on twitter, yo. Although I've moved from hating on it to simply being scared of it, perchance I shall join soon. I'm scared that once I put myself on there and start saying things like, "Hey, I just ate a footlong subway sandwich. It had too many banana peppers," people will stop taking me seriously. When do we reach the point of too many updates?

On another note, I saw a really cute guy in the elevator of my building today. I have decided the elevator is a perfectly good place to talk to strangers because you can say things like, "Great weather. Well, have a nice day," therefore laying the flirting ground work and taking note of what floor they work on in order to secretly stalk them. Although the cute guy I saw today was wearing Dockers. I think Dockers are only for children under 9 years old or senior citizens.


Anna Routh said...

Oh silly. You DO have a lot to learn about Twitter. If you ever post about your Subway, you surely will be a Twitter loser.

Emily said...

I'm happy to schedule a twutorial if you are twinterested. (Anna Routh is right -- we encourage our clients to utilize Twitter as a means of brand marketing and reader transparency.)