Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't settle

I was lucky enough to see all my college friends this past weekend. I had a conversation recently with Elaine* about how in our respective groups of college friends, we are the only single ones. This is when I use the excuse ‘I live in New York – dating is tough here,’ even though that kinda depresses me because in college I used similar rational for not having a boyfriend that ‘the ratio of girls to guys at this school is really bad – dating is tough here.’

Anyways, while it is easy to get discouraged about not having a boyfriend when everyone else does, spending time around all my best friends and their great boyfriends makes me remember I don’t want to settle for some loser boyfriend when I can have a potentially great guy like one of them. I try to remember this when I think maybe getting back together with my ex would be a convenient and interesting idea. I told my co-worker this and he told me I was too young to move backwards. Well said.

On an interesting note, I received a text from Vig Bar boy on Saturday night saying, “word on the street was” I was at Vig Bar. I have not seen this guy except for an awkward run in at Village Tavern like a month ago in which I plainly avoided him except for to say ‘hi’ on my way out. I texted him back Saturday, obvi, and told him word on the street was wrong, I was not at Vig Bar…but maybe I would be this weekend. Te he.

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