Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't be creepy

My good friend Billie* asked if she could set me on a date with a friend from her jui jitsu class. Not having been on a blind date in over a couple months and making a conceited effort to come fully out of my hibernated state, I clearly said yes (this was after taking into consideration that I met her other jiu jitsu friends one night at a party and one of them was under 5''3' and the other was wearing a blue wind suit).

I digress. A couple days after I agreed to this date I get an email from Billie* at work simply saying, "would you still go out with him?" with a picture attached of this guy, Chad*. I emailed her back and said yeah sure, hes cute (which he was), and thought in the back of my mind that her emailing me a picture of him was a bit weird. This past weekend I brought it up in front of our other friends. "Don't you think its weird to send a picture of someone you're being set up with?" I postulated to our friends.

"Yeah, thats kind of creepy, like just unnecessary maybe," a friend said.

"Wait, did you send him mine too??!!" I asked.

"Yeah, of course, why not?" Billie said.

"That is so weird! Now its not a blind date! Wait, what picture did you send?"

"Uh, I don't remember..."

This went on and on. Chad* called the next day while I was watching I Love You, Man with my sister and then I sorta, kinda forgot to call him back until last night. Or I just kind of avoided the call. I'm not sure why.

Anyways, I called him back last night and although I shut my door, Elaine* and Andi* sat in the living room and listened to my conversation just like my mom used to do in 6th grade. As it turns out, Chad* is a nice guy (over the phone at least). Although he did say, 'Billie said you were trying to go on lots of blind dates which I thought was kind of weird, but from your picture and what she says about you, I really would like to take you out!' I visualized kicking Billie in the shins right...then.

We tried to pick a night to go out and as most New Yorkers discover, everyone is always tooooooo busy. He could only really do weekends and I have my weekends booked until the second weekend in May. (Yes, I am that popular). Ordinarily, that would be a really good excuse for me to come up with, but its actually the truth. I told him I could also never do Wednesdays because I have a class. He asked what kind. For some reason I felt this was a perfect opportunity to be witty and hilarious, so I started to make up some silly something like, "A dinosaur study..." and just as the joke was loosing steam (mainly because it had none to begin with -- on Wednesdays I take a writing class, WTF?? no dinosaurs), Elaine* poked her head in my room and mouthed, "Don't be creepy!"

Touche. Chad* and I have yet to set a date....as in... our first date. But I don't think it was the creepy jokes, simply the clashing schedules that slowed us down.

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