Saturday, February 7, 2009


So I have been getting some flack because I have not written anything recently. Let me tell you, (sniffle), it hurts me worse than it hurts you! Look, New York winters are brutal!!! The high here was 20 yesterday, for crying out loud??!! I mean come on. That means if any part of your body is exposed to the whipping wind and cold air, you will probably die. Or that is my translation of the weather report.

This is what New York winters make me want to do:
- stay under my covers. (forever?)
- stay in my apartment wearing matching PJ's and eating takeout Chinese and flip back and forth between Anchorman and Napoleon Dynamite on tv (oh wait...I did that last Saturday...)
- eat constantly in order to grow an extra layer of fat on my body for warmth (its science!)
- not shave my legs (umm...)

Have we seen any of these adding up to hot dates? Especially that last one there... Anyway, winters make it hard for me to get off my butt out there and be social. And lets be honest, I have to really want to take my clothes off when the low is -1 and it feels like -15.

HOWEVER...I have electronically attempted to solve this problem for myself. That's right folks, last night I signed up for FREE ONLINE DATING! Not what you were expecting? Its hard times - is way too expensive. The peeps at are in the know. I made a profile last night (fo free!) and they sent me a confirmation email today saying:
Your personality:really great
How bad OkCupid guys want you: so bad
Your profile, as of 8 milliseconds ago:a apppproved!

Who can say no to that? So, now I can sit at home when it is -200 and eat Chinese food and still meet boys! Ok, well you get my point. Wish me luck!

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