Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Happy Presidents Day week! February 17th means two glorious things for me: I had the day off yesterday and I survived Valentine's Day. Not that I was really that worried about being depressed on Valentine's Day, seeing that last year was the first year I ever had a boyfriend to celebrate the Hallmark holiday with. For me, Valentine's is more of just a general singleness-depression time. Suddenly you are surrounded by couples coming out of the woodwork; just like when it gets warm outside and you notice all the pregnant people, yuck.

Trying to avoid public places last Saturday night, I decided to babysit -- don't be jelly. When I came home, I starting eating chocolate chip cookies and dipping them in milk while watching Saturday Night Live. Seth Meyers, my future-husband, was doing Weekend Update. "Today is Valentine's Day," he announced, "and to all of you watching this at home alone, better luck next year!" (bad um ching!) I looked around. Yep, just me here on the couch. Damn you, Seth Meyers.

I'm sure everyone will be interested to know I have progressed, ever so slightly, in my online dating endeavors. That means, I took my co-worker's advice and posted a sorta slutty picture and have now received some seriously creepy messages. Go figure. Upside of the site, there is a feature called "quick match" where you can simply look at people's profiles and rate them on looks alone - 1-5 stars. Let me tell you, this judging people is super entertaining and time consuming. Long story short, I have ignored any human contact on okcupid, however I have e-judged at least 75 people. I haven't been on facebook in ages!

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