Sunday, January 25, 2009

Its a sign

I have yet to speak with the Italian. I went out of town the weekend after I met him and then this weekend I didn't drunkenly text him (NOTE: he has not called me either. I'm blaming that on the fact that he is foreign and embarrassed by his lack of strong English skills. When I studied abroad I was always scared to call guys on the phone and speak Spanish because half of the time I didn't know what they were saying and then they clearly had no idea what I was saying. I digress). So...I have yet to speak with the Italian.

However, on a completely different note, the universe has been sending me many signs recently. One, I was walking down Avenue B three days ago and I noticed that the bar where I got drinks with the Welshman has now closed. Coincidence? I think not. Obviously our relationship was not meant to be if our first date bar cannot even sustain itself.

Two, my flight back to New York last weekend was delayed, canceled, delayed, etc... I had plenty of time to get to stare at the people on my flight (you know, do a once over of if the plane went down LOST-style who would be your Jack and Sawyer? Call me creepy, but I will be prepared). There was one family in which the dad looked literally exactly like my ex-boyfriend. And when I say exactly, I mean down to the glasses, long sleeve shirt with a t-shirt over it, Gap jeans, and ugly Merrells. I could not stop staring. Finally, I think I creeped the mom out because she thought I was staring at their two kids so I made myself switch chairs.

What was the universe trying to tell me, I wondered? This could have been your future life? You were right, Merrells really are horribly ugly shoes for guys? Or, and what I believe to be the correct answer, leave him alone so he can make a life like this on his own. Dammit, universe, I know you're right. Now I have to scratch him off my emergency "contact" list for good.

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Ryan said...

Doesn't the universe just piss you off sometimes?